Wonderful Tonight Chords and Lyrics by Eric Clapton

While Eric Clapton is a certified guitar god, you don’t have to be one to play the Wonderful Tonight chords.

Wonderful tonight chords

The Wonderful Tonight chords by Eric Clapton are beautifully simple. After playing guitar for over 20 years, I’m still amazed at how simple the greatest songs are.

The rhythm guitar part is played one note at a time, arpeggiating the chords. Arpegios are just a fancy way of saying that the chords are played one note at a time, rather than strummed.

But if you’re a beginner, feel free to strum along in time to the record and work up to playing the chords as individual notes.

Keep working on it, and one day you’ll be able to play the iconic melody line too.

If you’re interested in more easy guitar songs for beginners, see our article with 100 amazing songs to learn.

Wonderful Tonight Chords

The chords for Wonderful Tonight are, G, D/F#, C, D and E minor.

To play the D/F#, I find the easiest way is to use my thumb for the F# note at the second fret.

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Wonderful Tonight Chord Chart by Eric Clapton

If viewing on a phone, turn sideways. (The phone, not you.)

Intro / lead line

 G                                       D/F#                             C                                            D

[Verse 1]
G                         D/F#         C                                  D
  It's late in the evening, she's wondering what clothes to wear.

G                         D/F#          C                           D
  She puts on her make-up, and brushes her long blonde hair.

C                         D          G      D/F#        Em
  And then she asks me, Do I look all right?

                    C                     D              G
And I say, Yes, you look wonderful tonight.

[Verse 2]
G                 D/F#    C                       D
  We go to party, and everyone turns to see

G                D/F#        C                       D
  This beautiful lady, that's walking around with me.

C                           D       G            D/F#            Em
  And then she asks me, Do you feel all right?

                     C                D              G
And I say, Yes, I feel wonderful tonight!
            C                D                         G            D/F#          Em
I feel wonderful because I see the love light in your eyes

                   C              D                      C                  D
And the wonder of it all is that you just don't realise,

How much I love you.
[Verse 3]
G                         D/F#          C                       D
  It's time to go home now, and I've got an aching head

G                            D/F#       C              D
  So I give her the car keys, and she helps me to bed.

C                    D        G     D/F#         Em
  And then I tell her, as I turn off the light.

                 C                           D                 G          D/F#     Em
I say, My darling, you were wonderful tonight.

  D/F#          Em       C                               D                G
                       Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight.

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