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how loud is a guitar
Drew Haselhurst

How Loud is a Guitar? The Ultimate Guide with Infographic (2023)

How loud is a guitar, you ask? A guitar’s volume is anything from 50 dB (an un-amplified electric guitar) to 135 dB (an electric guitar though a stage amplifier) depending on the type of guitar and its amplification.

drop d songs
Drew Haselhurst

The greatest 77 Drop D Songs of all time (with Tabs)

If you’re looking for the best Drop D songs of all time, you’re in the right place.

weird guitar pedals
Drew Haselhurst

11 Best Weird Guitar Pedals (2023) Find Your Unique guitar tone

Why play the guitar if you’re going to sound like everyone else? The guitar is about expressing yourself and finding your own unique guitar tone. And weird guitar pedals are a great way for guitar players to do just that.

Drew Haselhurst

How Long Does It Take to Learn Guitar? (And how to supercharge your progress.) 

The short answer is six months. The article could end here. But there’s so much more to dive into and things you can do to speed up your progress. So let’s answer the question, how long does it take to learn guitar?

drop c songs
Drew Haselhurst

The Greatest 71 Drop C Songs for Guitar (with Tabs)

We’ve compiled the greatest 71 Drop C songs ever recorded so you don’t have to. So drop them strings and let’s get HEAVY.

guitar statistics
Drew Haselhurst

Latest Guitar Statistics and Incredible Facts 2023

While the guitar is 100% likely to make you cooler, there is no end of other fascinating guitar statistics to dive into. So grab your spectacles and let’s get nerdy with the stats behind guitars.

songs in open d
Drew Haselhurst

The Best 45 Guitar Songs in Open D Tuning (Tabs & Video)

Explore the best 45 songs in open D of all time (according to us dorks).

history of guitar
Drew Haselhurst

The History of Guitar: From Ancient to Modern

The guitar has evolved a huge amount since its inception. While millions of people play the guitar as we know it today, there have been many stages in the development of the instrument throughout the history of guitar.

benefits of playing guitar
Drew Haselhurst

8 Benefits of Playing Guitar for Mental Health

Playing the guitar is good for your mental health. Fact. Countless studies have found benefits of playing guitar for mental health and cognitive function. Let’s explore the science.

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