guitar statistics


Latest Guitar Statistics and Incredible Facts (2024)

While the guitar is 100% likely to make you cooler, there is no end of other fascinating guitar statistics to dive into. So grab your spectacles and let’s get nerdy with the stats behind guitars.

benefits of playing guitar


8 Benefits of Playing Guitar for Mental Health

Playing the guitar is good for your mental health. Fact. Countless studies have found benefits of playing guitar for mental health and cognitive function. Let’s explore the science.

how loud is a guitar


How Loud is a Guitar? The Ultimate Guide (2024)

How loud is a guitar, you ask? A guitar’s volume is anything from 50 dB (an un-amplified electric guitar) to 135 dB (an electric guitar though a stage amplifier) depending on the type of guitar and its amplification.

guitar playing styles


The Best Guitar Playing Styles for Beginners (2024)

Welcome to the fascinating world of guitar playing styles. Whether you’re a beginner looking to find your musical voice or an experienced guitar player still playing rock and wishing to diversify your skill set, understanding each guitar playing style is crucial.