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Guitar Mammoth: your trusted guide to becoming a better musician

Welcome to Guitar Mammoth. Dive deep into expert reviews of guitar and music equipment, and explore our lessons and guides, tailored to make you a better musician and get more enjoyment from your instrument. Navigating the vast world of gear and learning how to master it has never been this comprehensive.

Pedal Testing System

Check out our guide to how we do hands-on testing of every pedal we review at Guitar Mammoth.

Mission Statement

Our Purpose: To empower a million guitarists and musicians to realize their potential, from beginners to experts.

At Guitar Mammoth, we strive to be your guide in the vast world of music. From novice to seasoned player, our resources cater to all. And as we expand, we aim to reach beyond just guitars, aiming to be an ally to all musicians.

Our Story

The Origin: Founded in 2023 by Drew Haselhurst, a passionate guitarist and ukulele player with over a quarter-century of experience. Guitar Mammoth was born out of a desire to fix the internet’s inconsistent information. Drew’s vision was clear – to create a hub of excellence for musicians.

The Evolution: With a growing content library and plans to onboard more expert writers, our ambition remains firm – to be the internet’s ultimate musical mentor.

Who We Are

Drew Haselhurst is the founder of Guitar Mammoth and has played guitar for over 25 years, been part of numerous bands, and is a gear obsessive.

Drew is an experienced guitar educator and has written articles for a wide range of online publications including, The Rise of Female Guitarists in Rock History for guitarguitar.

We are building a team of expert writers and reviewers and will update this information as our team grows.

Our Responsibility

Editorial Integrity: Trust is our currency. Our commitment is to use our rich experience for your musical journey. Every review is born out of hands-on experience, ensuring unbiased and honest feedback.

Guiding Principles in Practice:

  • In-depth, rigorous equipment testing in diverse musical settings.
  • Only onboard writers with a vast wealth of experience.
  • Unwavering dedication to being an unbiased content provider, irrespective of affiliations or sponsorships.

Ethical Funding: Yes, we’re affiliate-marketed. This means you enjoy our services without a fee. If you choose to purchase via our links, we earn a small commission, supporting our mission. Rest assured, our recommendations stem from love for the products, not the commission.

Our Green Commitment: A sustainable world is a better world. Wherever there’s an eco-friendly path, we’re on it.

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