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JHS 3 series fuzz review
Drew Haselhurst

JHS 3 Series Fuzz Review – Small price, awesome sound (2024)

If you’re looking for incredible fuzz tones on a budget, check out our JHS 3 Series Fuzz review.

Boss Waza Craft FZ-1W Review
Drew Haselhurst

Boss Waza Craft FZ-1W Review – The Best Fuzz Around? (2024)

The only Boss Waza Craft FZ-1W review you’ll ever need. Probably.

best fuzz pedals
Drew Haselhurst

The 7 Best Fuzz Pedals for Guitar (2024)

If you’re a guitarist looking for the best fuzz pedals, welcome to the fuzz party.

guitar statistics
Drew Haselhurst

Latest Guitar Statistics and Incredible Facts (2024)

While the guitar is 100% likely to make you cooler, there is no end of other fascinating guitar statistics to dive into. So grab your spectacles and let’s get nerdy with the stats behind guitars.

drop d songs
Drew Haselhurst

The greatest 77 Drop D Songs of all time (with Tabs)

If you’re looking for the best Drop D songs of all time, you’re in the right place.

weird guitar pedals
Drew Haselhurst

11 Best Weird Guitar Pedals (2024)

Why play the guitar if you’re going to sound like everyone else? The guitar is about expressing yourself and finding your own unique guitar tone. And weird guitar pedals are a great way for guitar players to do just that.

easy guitar songs
Drew Haselhurst

100 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners with Chords

The ultimate list of easy guitar songs that you can enjoy playing, no matter your level.

Drew Haselhurst

How Long Does It Take to Learn Guitar?

The short answer is six months. The article could end here. But there‚Äôs so much more to dive into and things you can do to speed up your progress. So let’s answer the question, how long does it take to learn guitar?

Hotel California chords Eagles
Drew Haselhurst

Hotel California Chords and Lyrics by Eagles

One of the all-time great rock songs is also within reach for beginner guitarists with these easy Hotel California chords.

let it be chords
Drew Haselhurst

Let It Be Chords and Lyrics by The Beatles

Get your Let It Be chords here and instantly become as good a songwriter as McCartney. (Not guaranteed).

ring of fire chords
Drew Haselhurst

Ring of Fire Chords and Lyrics by Johnny Cash

Behold, the ultimate guide the Ring of Fire chords – all three of them!

Brown eyed girl chords
Drew Haselhurst

Brown Eyed Girl Chords and Lyrics by Van Morrison

The Brown Eyed Girl chords are something every guitarist should know. This timeless classic is fun for beginner guitarist and experts alike.

three little birds chords
Drew Haselhurst

Three Little Birds Chords and Lyrics by Bob Marley

Possibly the greatest three-chord song of all time. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley is perfect for beginner guitarists.

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